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Council / Garden waste putting strain on essy kerts

Photo: SIC

PEOPLE are being asked to limit the amount of grass cuttings or garden waste they put in black bags amid concern over the weight of bruck being collected by Shetland’s bin lorries.

Shetland Islands Council is asking householders to put out a maximum of four bags of grass cuttings or garden waste at a time for collection during the summer months.

The overall weight of black bag waste collected has increased since it went fortnightly when the recycling scheme was rolled out last year, meaning that essy kerts could exceed their legal weight limits.

Black bags were previously collected each week before the recycling scheme began.

People are now being asked to take any excess bags of garden waste to the Gremista Waste Management Facility in Lerwick, or to think about home composting instead.

Waste prevention officer Brydon Sinclair said: “We will prioritise collecting household waste, rather than bags of grass or garden waste, but our staff will still collect what they can.

“We’d ask householders to dispose of larger quantities of grass by taking it directly to Gremista, where they can dispose of it free of charge, or to consider home composting, to make a useful end product.”