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Blackadder steps down as trustee after three decades

A SHETLAND Amenity Trust trustee has been praised for his contribution to the organisation after stepping down from the role following more than 30 years of service.

Andrew Blackadder.

Business consultant Andrew Blackadder took part in his last trust AGM on Friday morning.

He said his first amenity trust meeting was in March 1988, adding that he has been “very fortunate” to have been involved with the organisation.

Blackadder said “Shetland’s environment has been transformed” over the last 30 years thanks to efforts of the trust in areas like anti-rubbish schemes and promoting woodland growth.

Fellow trustee Frank Robertson said Blackadder brought an “excellent business approach” to the charity.

He told him that his “forensic examination of each project was absolutely invaluable”.

“Enthusiasm sometimes over took the practicalities, and Andrew would bring us back to reality,” Robertson added.

Amenity trust chairwoman Ruth Mackenzie said Blackadder had made a “huge, huge contribution” to the organisation.