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Health / Actor full of praise for Gilbert Bain staff

THE GILBERT Bain Hospital and its staff has come in for some praise from a somewhat unlikely source – an actor who has appeared in TV shows like ER and 24.

Paul Blackthorne, who has more recently starred in American TV shows Arrow and The InBetween, said to his 500,000-plus fans on his Facebook page that he was recently admitted to the hospital while visiting his father in Shetland.

The actor, who had cycled part of the way north, said he had an infection in his blood, giving him a “severe 40 degrees temperature”.

Blackthorne wrote that the hospital staff gave him the “ultimate service” as they guided him back to health – and he took time to praise the views out of the Gilbert Bain too.

Paul Blackthorne’s post from Facebook.

“Well, there I was in Shetland enjoying my Dad visit, riding my bike in preparation for the bicycle tour of Italia this week, when a strange thing happened,” he said.

“After a 70 mile cycle ride last Monday I went to bed with a tickle behind my leg and a shiver in my bones.

“18 hours later I was hospitalised with an infection that was creeping into my blood giving me a severe 40 degree temperature. I was looked after by strangers in the form of doctors and nurses at the Gilbert Bain hospital in Shetland. Isn’t that slightly amazing and weird? 

Complete strangers keeping deaths door at bay for complete strangers. People giving the ultimate service.

In the midst of all this, as you can see, I was rather fortunate to have a bed with a view and world cup cricket to nod off to.

“I emerged from the hospital delirium after 4 days; my Italia bike ride in tatters but my gratitude levels flying high.

Thank you to all those amazing strangers that kept this old sock afloat. Here’s to the Gilbert Bain hospital in Lerwick, Shetland.”