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Community / Cash for restorative justice project

Clair Aldington and Alyson Halcrow, co-founders of the space2face project.
Clair Aldington (left) and Alyson Halcrow, co-founders of the space2face project.

A LOCAL restorative justice arts organisation has been awarded nearly £10,000 in funding to continue to provide its service.

Space2face is a restorative justice arts charity and a confidential and independent service which works with people have been harmed by crime and conflict as well as offenders.

The new funding award of £9,994 has come from National Lottery Community Fund Scotland.

The Space2face project was co-founded by Clair Aldington and Alyson Halcrow in 2008 in partnership with the Children’s Reporter and Criminal Justice Social Work in Shetland.

It is said to be a “unique project in the UK” as it uses the arts, and the making and gifting of things, within restorative justice processes.

The charity said: “Restorative justice includes everyone involved in a situation of harm, conflict or crime in decisions about the future.

“It is a three stage process and is practiced all over the world. We look at what has happened, the consequences and what everyone needs in order to move on. Restorative ways of working are advocated locally and nationally as effective ways of tackling issues such as bullying in schools.

“Independent research shows that restorative justice can help prevent re-offending and also reduce the effects of stress and PTSD in people harmed through crime.”

Space2face offers individual and group work, training, professional development for schools, businesses and organisations, creative anger management courses and consultancy and research.