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Letters / Focus should be on more serious issues

Declaring overprovision of off licenses in Lerwick may seem a laudable aim for the SIC but I suggest it’s not necessary nor would it cut anything (More discussion on overprovision of booze; SN, 14/08/2018).

The licensing board could stop issuing any new or additional licenses on the grounds that Lerwick is over provisioned but the nub of this is that reducing the number of existing outlets would make no difference as the customer base would just move to where it was available.

Quite frankly the elected members should focus on more serious issues such as the massively high and prohibitive cost of building a house in Shetland.

Get their terrified heads out of the sand and tackle the planning department who are a major barrier to affordable housing and rotten to the core with stupid over regulatory self importance.

Members could also seek a plan for sustaining rural areas rather than drive goods and services in or around Lerwick.

When Brexit or peak oil hit us we will need rural Shetland to produce more of our own food and if we are all forced to live in or around Tingwall, we will not be able to.

Vic Thomas