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Letters / Charitable trust should pay

With reference to yesterday’s letter Oil money should be used for MRI Scanner (SN, 14/08/2018), this is almost identical to an idea contained in the email that I sent earlier this week to NHS Shetland and the Shetland Charitable Trust, and to which I have received a favourable response.

Great minds!!

Here is a copy of that letter:

“I would like to pass on a thought that occurred to me and think could be considered.

The community are busy trying to buy a MRI Scanner for Shetland by fundraising, which I find most admirable but may take some years to achieve.

Is this not the exact time for the Charitable Trust to step in with the public’s money and purchase the Scanner? Any money raised could be deducted from the overall cost.

The Shetland Health Board could then rent/buy the scanner using the money saved on air/boat/accommodation/Red Cross fares.

This would have at least two advantages.

The scanner would be in operation considerable sooner.

The patients would be saved the travel and wait that is necessary at the moment.

If this idea could be put forward for consideration I would be very grateful.”

Tony Gerrard