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Letters / Oil money should be used for MRI scanner

With reference to the MRI scanner appeal (Appeal launched for £2m MRI scanner; SN, 5/07/2018), I have recently witnessed the value of having this piece of equipment which was used on a young relative, and which found the source of a problem that the CAT scanner in Lerwick could not.

As the patient had to attend hospital in Aberdeen to receive this treatment, time was obviously lost before a diagnosis could be given. This was not absolutely essential in this case, but it would be in others.

We obviously need this piece of kit here in Shetland, and currently there is a well publicised appeal going on to raise funds to pay for it.

My point is that the SIC/Shetland Charitable Trust or whomever looks after the oil money, made over £20 million pounds interest last year on the investments, so a cheque for one tenth of this should be cut and given to the organisers to purchase this machine forthwith.

This would benefit everyone in the islands who need the use of it, and their families. We have enough football pitches, swimming pools, leisure centres and cinema/event venues.

The rainy day has arrived, there is money to do this, all that is required is for those who control those funds to get their hands in their pockets and do something to benefit the population at last.

Geoff McCarron