Assault man slapped with £640 fine

ASSAULTING two men after an all-day drinking session cost a plumber £640 at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Tuesday.


Jeffrey Goldsborough, 57, of Bankside Road, Newcastle, admitted punching the two during a drinking session with his workmates at the Douglas Arms in Lerwick on 19th May.

The court heard that Goldsburgh’s son and one of the complainers had been “niggling” each other throughout the day. Things reached a head when Goldsborough followed the other man to the toilet and punched him, causing a minor cut on his face.

When challenged about what he had done by the second complainer, Goldsborough also punched him.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said that the incident had cost Goldsborough his job dismantling heavy equipment and also put a major strain on his marriage and domestic life.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank said that Goldsborough had a “serious” criminal record, but his last offence had been 20 years ago. He fined him £320 for each assault.