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NHS surveys attitudes to alcohol and drugs

PUBLIC attitudes to alcohol and drugs are being gauged by an NHS Shetland survey.

The authority’s public health department launched the online questionnaire on Wednesday with the aim of understanding the perspective of the public on alcohol and drug use and the associated harm and the accessibility of the appropriate support services.

Researcher Carol Scott said: “This survey is for anyone who lives in Shetland. We are keen to receive responses from as many individuals as possible from a variety of backgrounds.”

The survey can be accessed on the Healthy Shetland website and Facebook page and through NHS Shetland’s social media and website.

Through the research, the public health department is working to identify strengths and weaknesses in current alcohol and drug service provision and gain an overview of how the public views alcohol and drug use and the associated harm.

Scott added: “Ultimately, the survey will help to shape how alcohol and drug related information, education and support is delivered in Shetland,” Scott said.

The survey can be accessed at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RJ75L2L 

Physical copies can be obtained from Carol Scott – Tel:01595 807498 or email: carol.scott21@nhs.net