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Photo exhibition is ‘lifting spirits’ at hospital

Kaylee Robertson exhibiting photos of her dogs at the Gilbert Bain Hospital.

A LOCAL dog lover has been bringing some smiles to patients and staff at the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick with an exhibition of photos of her popular pooches.

Kaylee Robertson has become something of an internet hit thanks to images of her six Shetland sheepdogs and Alaskan klee kai posing attentively for the camera.

Her photos have been featured in newspapers across the country, while the ambulance technician has also been on STV.

Now her images are adorning the walls of the Gilbert Bain, with the pictures up until 7 July.

Kaylee said people have emailed her in the past to thank her for “lifting their spirits” after seeing the photos online, and this – mixed with a bit of gentle encouragement from friends – helped to spur her on to showcase them in the hospital.

Her dogs – Fenton, Thiago, Thorin, Gimli, Murphy, Ghost and Jara – had also became a topic of conversation at work in the ambulance, with poorly children in particular responding well to seeing the photos.

One mother even asked for a photo print as the images of the dogs helped her sick child to get to sleep at night – something which Kaylee said “still brings a tear to my eye”.

“The response to the hospital exhibition has been fantastic, with loads of people stopping and grinning at them,” Kaylee said.

“I often forget what an intimidating and frightening place the hospital can be as I’m so used with it – I know the place inside out and most of the people who work there as I’m in it most days.

“Knowing that something I have created has taken away that fear, even for just a moment, is a bigger reward than what I could ever have imagined when I took the photo.”