Ronas Romp sees Anita ‘back on top’

ONE OF the largest organised groups to ever tackle Ronas Hill made their way to Shetland’s highest point on Saturday to raise cash for mental health charity Mind Your Head.

The hike, which saw about 70 people reach the peak of the 450m high boulder-strewn Northmavine landmark, raised £730.

Named Ronas Romp, it was part of a massive effort by Anita Georgeson who has organised a string of events aimed at raising a grand total of £10,000, culminating in a climb of Africa’s highest mountain – the 5,895m Kilimanjaro, in September.

Anita will be paying for all her expenses in the African adventure so all the money raised will go for charity. Unlike the two-hour round trip up Ronas Hill (from Collafirth mast), Kilimanjaro will involve a seven-day hike up the dormant volcano.

Her decision to raise money for the group followed her own plunge into anxiety and depression when she was off work for nine months during an investigation that ultimately left her vindicated.

While the normally positive and enthusiastic Anita had the personal resources to pull herself out of the black hole, she recognised that help should be available for all who find themselves suffering mentally.

She said: “Day by day I just got stronger and stronger and I just came up with this brainwave to do Kilimanjaro.

“I have always loved walking anyway and last year we did Ben Nevis when I was going through a bad time, but that picked me up so much that from there I just decided, ‘I am going to set myself a huge challenge'”.

Next up is a 70s and 80s disco at Lerwick Legion on Friday, to be followed by a bag-packing day at Tesco on Saturday 30th June.

Anita also plans a big music night at the Legion shortly before her trip to Tanzania which will feature five bands.

Anita can be sponsored via this link.