Please clean up after your dog

I have lived in Nesting for four years and enjoy the area very much. I got a young Border collie last year and spend roughly three hours a day exercising and socializing her, and, of course, picking up her mess after her.

I am becoming more and more frustrated with the amount of dog excrement lying at the sides of the road (some has even had worms in!).

I know of some folk who don’t pick up. Ironically I do believe that one of them is a policeman. Sometimes a young family member walks the dog and has obviously learned the same bad behaviour.
The road between Stendaal and the school is getting worse all the time.

To all dog walkers out there, it is not difficult to pick up and take your dog’s mess home to dispose of it. Just take a couple of dog poo bags with you and fill them up, take them home and dispose of them. Simple!

I’m not sure who to contact about this but Environmental Health is on my immediate list. I did at one point consider reporting it to the police but, all things considered, this may not get me very far.

So to everyone out here who has a dog, please remember our beautiful countryside is there for everyone to enjoy and should never be used as a ‘dumping’ ground.

Kate Aligaard
South Nesting

Note: Shetland Islands Council has a ‘dog fouling’ page on its website at 
The council’s environmental health department can be contact on telephone 01595 745250.