Sentence deferred on cannabis suppliers

THREE men from Fife admitted being involved in the supply of cannabis at Lerwick Sheriff Court today (Wednesday).

John Leslie Foy, 53, Mark Edward Howe, 50 and 52-year-old James Purvis were caught trying to take almost two kilogrammes of the class B drug into Shetland at the NorthLink ferry terminal on 19 September last year.


Procurator Fiscal Duncan MacKenzie said that the trio, all from Dunfermline, were not part of an organised crime gang, but had hit on the ill-conceived scheme to make money while Purvis was working in Shetland and noticed a shortage of cannabis resin.

Purvis had transferred money to Foy and the drugs were bought which Howe was found to be physically in possession of. The 1932 grammes of cannabis would have been worth £2000 to £5000, depending on how it was sold.

MacKenzie described the men as “feckless” and that it had not taken much detective work to figure out what was going on. The three had co-operated with the investigation.

The case was continued till the 18 July for the preparation of social work reports and bail was continued for the men.