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Windhouse blaze tackled by firefighters

Windhouse in Mid Yell

POLICE are looking for witnesses after a blaze at Shetland’s “most haunted” house was doused by firefighters this mornin

The appeal follows a joint investigation by police and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service into the fire at Windhouse in Mid Yell that damaged a small area of the ruinous building before being put out.

A statement from Inspector Martyn Brill of Lerwick police said: “The police are keen to hear anyone who may have been at the building or have witnessed people in the vicinity during the evening of Monday 28 May into the early hours of Tuesday 29 May

Anyone with any information is requested to contact police using the 101 number or alternatively attending at Lerwick Police Station.

A call that fire had broken out at Windhouse was received by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service at 7.42am (Tuesday). The local Yell fire engine was first on scene and used a hose reel jet with water pumped from “open water” nearby.

The Yell appliance called for assistance and it was joined by the Unst, then Brae appliances, both of which used their own hoses to combat the blaze that had gripped the derelict 12m by 8m building.

The fire was out by 11am but two pumps continued to douse the area to make sure it did not re-ignite.

Windhouse is the location of many ghost stories and hauntings. Last year two skeletons dating back centuries were discovered near the ruined house as it was being surveyed for renovation.

There are various brochs and other archaeological remains dating back millennia in the immediate area. Yesterday was also the warmest day of the year so far in Shetland.