Patronising rhetoric

So councillor Stephen Leask wants to introduce legislation to severely curtail or even ban birthday busses and hen/stag busses because of inferred underage drinking and general alcohol abuse by those who choose to partake in such activities.

I do realise that underage drinking can be a problem, however, it hasn’t just surfaced because of these activities; it has been apparent for decades and always will.

What I take umbrage with is that people such as Cllr Leask, Cllr Manson and Cllr Duncan, in their sanctimonious patronising rhetoric, should not be telling people how to live their lives, and sponsor legislation which would criminalise what is after all a bit of fun.

Excessive drinking is a serious subject, but the answer does not lie with heavy handed, poorly thought out legislation, but rather, good parenting and education.

I would like instead to offer some free advice to the aforementioned councillors. I recognise that the concept of free advice may be foreign to them, as our councillors have in the past paid out millions to so called consultants for advice, so I will take this slowly:

Please concentrate on addressing real issues that are now hurting the very people you represent, i.e. the fact that our council takes arbitrary decisions that have a negative effect such as the stupid so called traffic calming measures on the Esplanade, which is really the last nail in the coffin for Da Street.

Why is it that arguably the wealthiest local authority in the country has food banks, and why are charging our lifeline operators so much for fares that many families can’t afford to get off the island?
And what is it with the fiasco that is the “White House” that has cost so much in public money to solve problems which we are now told don’t exist?

Also why does a part public funded cinema and event facility offer as a rule, zero hours contracts?

There are more issues I could mention but I think you get the idea. So that’s the free advice, no, wait, I’ve changed my mind – that’ll be £5 million please and thank you.

Geoff McCarron


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