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Dunna Chuck Bruck to be debated at next Althing

The award winning Dunna Chuck Bruck was originally launched in the 1980s.

THE MOTION ‘Dunna Chuck Bruck has failed’ will be debated at the next Althing event later this month.

Speaking for the motion on 17 February will be councillor and environment and transport committee chairman Ryan Thomson, who recently started a campaign against single use plastics in Shetland.

He will be joined by SNP councillor Robbie McGregor.

Speaking against the motion will be ex-councillor and writer Jonathan Wills and Shetland Amenity Trust’s Sita Goudie, who organises the annual Voar Redd up clean-up.

Dunna Chuck Bruck is an award winning environmental awareness campaign which originally launched in Shetland in 1986.

It was relaunched in 2012 and its Facebook page is kept active to promote keeping Shetland clean.

The debate will take place at the Islesburgh Community Centre at 7.30pm and admission will be £2.