Fishing boat towed in

The fishing vessel Sea Hunter under tow by Lerwick harbour pilot boat Knab. Photo: Garry Sandison

THE LERWICK lifeboat, Lerwick harbour’s pilot boat Knab and the Sumburgh-based coastguard helicopter were called out on Thursday morning after a Norwegian fishing boat with 10 crew on board started taking on water, just north of Bressay.

Shetland Coastguard was alerted at 7.30am after the Sea Hunter had initially contacted Lerwick Harbour asking for assistance.


The lifeboat quickly got two crew on board the Sea Hunter to attach a towline, while the helicopter lowered pumps to help stem the ingress of water.

The 44 metre long fishing vessel was then taken to Lerwick’s Greenhead Base, where she was alongside at about 8.45am.

Crews from the Lerwick fire station have now started pumping the Sea Hunter dry.

Lerwick Port Authority harbourmaster Calum Grains said the decision to get the lifeboat involved was taken after the Sea Hunter informed them that the main water pump had stopped and the water level in the vessel’s engine room was rising.

“At that point we thought the quickest way to get a pump on board was to ask the coastguard to get the lifeboat to nip out with that.

“That worked well – we got a portable pump on board and the Sea Hunter was guided in by the pilot using our tugs here to Greenhead, where she was tied up alongside where we can get the machinery and different people down to check on the ship and get her pumped out.”

Crews from Lerwick fire station attending. Photo: Garry Sandison