Search for Ollie

Ollie went missing in Sandwick on Friday and has not been seen since.

A COORDINATED search for a lost dog is set to take place in Sandwick today (Monday) at 2pm.

The search for Ollie – a grey, white and black Lhasa Apso – will start at Broonies Taing and anyone interested in helping is reminded to bring appropriate clothing, as well as an old towel and water if possible.

If there is no parking left at Broonies Taing then spaces should be available at the nearby leisure centre.

Ollie, who was being looked after by dog sitters, was last seen on Friday at Cumliewick in Sandwick and is described as a friendly dog who might have been spooked by the weather.

Any sightings should be reported to 07787449341 or 07979670493.