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Letters / Everyone happy with SIC planning?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the concerns I discovered considering standing in the last SIC elections and my own and friends’ personal experiences with the SIC planning department.

The backdrop here is – in Shetland we have the most draconian planning system in the UK. We have the highest build costs in the UK. We have a system working against affordable housing and sustainable rural development.

To add insult to injury we have a bunch of uninterested and ignorant councillors who think our planning regulations are as they are, because of Scottish Government regulations – not so.

SIC Planning interpret much of the Scottish planning guidelines to their own agenda but, the real issue is the SIC local plan which over-stamps a lot Scottish planning with what the SIC desires.

Despite putting myself forward to set up some kind of action or pressure group seeking change, I only received one supportive contact.

I did get a few encouraging comments from the building trade but didn’t want to respond officially (that tells a story).

I can only conclude that everyone else is happy with SIC planning?

Vic Thomas
Action 4 Planning Reform Shetland