Letters / Will Shetland Welcome Trumpists?

With a infamous son of Scotland now to become the 45th president of the good ol’ US of A, surely VisitScotland, and the rest of the tourist industry, will be going all out to publicise the attractions of Donald’s homeland.

Why? Well, because even the most tenuous Irish links of American presidents have been exploited to bring many thousands of tourists flocking across the pond to the Emerald Isle.


Sturgeon and Salmond should be welcoming home their prodigal son of Scotland who they loved so dearly just a short time ago.

By way of an apology for their hypocrisy, the Freedom of the City of Aberdeen is the least they should offer him on his first Presidential visit to Scotland.

On Sunday, BBC’s Songs of Praise will be doing their bit to exploit the good folk of Lewis by exploring President Elect Trump’s ancestry (and no doubt embarrassing his Macleod cousins in the process). This will incentivise thousands of Trump Trail Tourists (Trumpists) to take advantage of heavily subsidised ferry fares to the Outer Hebrides.


Post Brexit craft industries of Hong Kong and Taiwan will have their economies boosted as they export shiploads of Trump Tartan Tack, Presidential Fudge and Donald’s Shortbread Wall Bricks to be sold in all the tourist traps of Scotland.

Will Shetland be getting in on this huge tourist boom by attracting Trumpists to Shetland? No doubt the promised low ferry fares will help. Loganair repainting their planes to look like flying tartan shortbread tins is a masterstroke for tourism, especially if they use the Trump Tartan that was designed for him in Aberdeen.

I have no doubt that Promote Shetland will abandon their targeted promotions of puffins and ponies to publicise the invasions of Shetland by Hutcheon Macleod of Lewis (a relative surely?) and the battle on the ‘plains of Sumburgh’.

Indeed Shetland Amenity Trust could fund an excavation of the mass graves of the slaughtered Lewismen; perhaps Donald would chip in a million or two if the Recreational Trust promised him a golf course there.

Allen Fraser