A mini theme park

I took my grandchildren to Michaelswood for a picnic on Saturday after reading the story in Shetland News (Pupils create their own Jurassic park; SN, 28/07/16).

My grandson loves dinosaurs! The last time I was there was some years ago, and the amount of development, which has taken place since then is awe inspiring. For a start, the trees are now taller than me!

I saw that there were now more picnic tables and enclosed benches for a sit down all the way round the trail. We particularly enjoyed the quote and joke boards.

We chose a quiet spot for our picnic, in a small clearing opposite a calming fountain. Very peaceful and very Zen! The added bonus was that we were well sheltered from a cool stiff breeze in that cosy spot.

The covered memorial benches are a good idea too, especially if the rain comes on, you can get a bit of shelter.

My grandson, aged 7, particularly enjoyed the dinosaur models. I had imagined a few models, but there were lots, another one round every corner it seemed.

What a labour of love by the proprietors of the site and the community. The whole place is like a mini theme park.

My granddaughter enjoyed the day too. Everybody loves a picnic!

We will be back again soon I am sure. Well done to everybody for this very attractive and thoughtful memorial to Michael.

Dorothy O’Brian