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Letters / No help to tackle local fuel poverty

Thank you for your article on Energy and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd’s visit to Shetland (Shetland Gas Plant officially opens; SN, 16/05/16).

The Conservatives came to power with a promise of reducing the cost of energy to help industry and tackle high levels of fuel poverty.

Perhaps, Ms Rudd will ask how it can possibly be that, of these colossal volumes of gas flowing through Sullom gas plant, not a single molecule finds its way towards reducing the shocking levels of fuel poverty in Shetland, currently running at over 40 per cent!

That could be embarrassing for some. She might discover that the elephant blocking the path is Viking Energy (VE) and that her department is about to take a decision on whether to allow the billion pound investment in a submarine cable that will facilitate VE and potentially, help to bankroll an independent Scotland at the expense of English and Welsh consumers.

John Tulloch