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Letters / Conservative success

Shetland Conservative Association expresses appreciation to all who supported Cameron Smith in the recent Scottish Parliamentary Election.

Although we increased our vote, we did not achieve the result we would have wished for our dynamic young local candidate.

The election result was significantly affected by tactical voting where Tavish’s vote was greatly enhanced by otherwise Conservative and Labour voters supporting the LibDems to ensure that SNP were kept at bay.

The really great news from the election was the Conservative success in securing 31 MSPs and trouncing Labour in Scotland to become the official (and effective) opposition to the SNP.

For Shetland, the good news is that the Scottish Conservative MSPs know Shetland very well.

Ruth Davidson, the Leader has been in Shetland on a number of occasions and is very popular; Douglas Ross MSP has been a regular visitor to the islands in recent years and Donald Cameron MSP stood as Conservative candidate for the islands in the 2015 General Election.

Dr Ian Duncan MEP has a close working relationship with Shetland businesses and agencies and their connections with the European Union.

We would also like to thank the Shetland Islands Council for operating the ballot in a sound and professional manner.

Maurice Mullay
Shetland Conservative Association