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Letters / List ballot tells a different story

In Holyrood elections, we voters get not one but two votes, and the list ballot is as important as the constituency ballot.

At the risk of further inflating Tavish Scott’s already overlarge ego, may I point out the contrasts between the two.

While Tavish won a decisive victory over Danus Skene in the constituency vote, by 67 percent to 23 percent, a lead of 44 percentage points, there was a very different result in the accompanying list vote.

Here the LibDems share of the vote fell to some 35.5 percent with the lead over the SNP reduced to only nine percentage points.

The Tories, who lost their deposit in the constituency result, saw their vote almost trebled with the Labour vote also up, a clear indication of tactical voting showing that Tavish’s cynical appeal for that to take place had succeeded.

Meanwhile the Greens polled a good 6.6 per cent, in line with their showing nationwide across Scotland.

Bill Adams