Letters / What if the UK votes for Brexit?

Could someone from the Shetland branch of the SNP answer this question?

In the event of the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, then I believe – should Scotland vote to stay in Europe, no matter by how small a margin – Nicola Sturgeon intends to call a second independence referendum?


If we, the UK, vote to leave the EU, then our 200 mile territorial waters and the fish stocks in these waters, will once again be under our control and we will once again sit at the negotiating table, as a sovereign country, on an even footing with Norway, Faroe and Iceland.

In other words, the UK – with about 70 per cent of the EU’s fish stocks swimming in what used to be our waters – will no longer be one of 27 countries, being represented at the negotiating table by unelected bureaucrats, based in Brussels.

So, let’s move the clock forward. The UK votes ‘leave’ and Nicola Sturgeon calls and wins an independence referendum, will the SNP immediately apply to re-join the EU, do a “Heath”, and hand control Scotland’s newly won 200 territorial waters and the fish stocks swimming in these waters, back to the wanton destruction mercies of unelected bureaucrats, sitting in Brussels?

Magnie Stewart