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Fox resigns as SIC deputy

Outgoing SIC deputy leader Billy Fox.

SHETLAND Islands Council’s deputy leader Billy Fox has resigned from his position, saying that while there is not “any major difficulty” within the local authority there are “some issues of policy and process” he has concerns over.

In a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, Fox announced he was standing down after almost two years in the role.

Fox first became heavily involved in local politics as the spearhead of anti-Viking Energy windfarm protest group Sustainable Shetland.

He stood down from his involvement in that group after being elected as one of the three South Mainland councillors back in May 2012.

Fox said: “My resignation does not stem from any major difficulty within the council; this is one of the best and most responsible councils we have ever had.

“However, there are some issues of policy and process which I do have concerns with. On occasions I would like to comment but find myself restricted in my role as deputy leader.

“At this moment I do not wish to comment further, however, in the fullness of time and should I feel it necessary I will be free to air my concerns.”

He added: “I have not made this decision lightly and I remain fully committed to the good work this council has done and continues to carry out.

“I still look forward to spending the final year of this council in a fully active backbench role – I will still sit on more committees than most!”