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Letters / Madhouse politics

With reference to Mr MacColl’s letter last week (Pizza CARBON-ara; SN, 3/03/16), I do hope that the committee that is due to review his case regarding the refusal of planning permission for his proposed small restaurant, see some common sense and overturn the planners decision.

 I have yet to see one person on all forms of media who actually agrees with the planners; everyone seems to agree with Mr MacColl.

Personally, I would love to be able to visit this establishment, as I am sure so would hundreds of others.

The silly idea of the carbon footprint stopping the venture should be kicked into touch, otherwise this should jeopardise country halls holding Sunday teas, we all have to commute to enjoy these, so you can’t have one rule for one, and a different rule for another.

If the committee does overrule the planning department by overturning this crazy decision and allow Mr MacColl to build his small venture, then a small piece of faith in politics will have been restored.

I think we have all had quite enough of madhouse politics both home and away recently.

Geoff McCarron