Letters / Learning the truth about China

Free Tibet is very pleased to see that children in Shetland will be learning Chinese and in future will have the opportunity to communicate more freely with the people of China (Bairns enjoy access to Chinese culture ; SN, 23/02/16).

We were also pleased to see that Tavish Scott MSP reminded people celebrating the opening of the Confucius Classroom in Sandwick School that China’s government is no friend to freedom.


A very senior Chinese official has described the Confucius programme as “an important part of our overseas propaganda”. China’s government pays for this project because it promotes a positive image of its country.

It is important to remember, however that Chinese vice consul Zhang Huazhong who attended the opening ceremony, represents a regime responsible for the illegal and brutal occupation of Tibet and the denial of freedom to more than a billion people.

Friendship between the people of China and those of Shetland is a good thing but Sandwick and its teachers must also ensure their pupils know the truth about China’s authoritarian government, in the interests of Shetland, China and Tibet.

Yours faithfully
Alistair Currie
Campaigns and Media Manager
Free Tibet
28 Charles Square
N1 6HT