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Letters / Not good enough

Tavish Scott’s populist approach to his election campaign is now focussed on the NHS: his current flyer, a.k.a The Shetland Gazette, has the banner headline ‘Islanders call for better healthcare’.

Nothing new there: there is a medical manpower crisis throughout the UK as an increasing number of young doctors emigrate. While the country feels the draught, peripheral areas like Shetland experience a breeze.

It is simply not good enough for Tavish to invite his potential voters to voice their concerns and then fail to come up with constructive proposals to alleviate the recruitment problem within the hospital based services and primary care.

Indeed, his current strategy could have a morale sapping effect on those who are already making every effort to maintain local services.

Those in the frontline experience a steady flow of grumbles on a day-to-day basis. Tavish appears determined to release a torrent.

The Scottish Government is currently drafting a new GP contact and all contributions are welcomed.

Perhaps, Tavish should now let us have a list of his constructive suggestions; it is not helpful for us all to simply wring our hands and chant ‘Something needs to be done!’

Mike McDonnell, FRCGP

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021