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Letters / Heaven help us

Like Brian Smith (Sideshow; SN, 29/05/15) I think the money that has been raised to take Alistair Carmichael to task should go to some charity, perhaps even the Nepal disaster instead of this rubbish they are doing,

If Alistair has broken the law then they will deal with him legally.

What Nicola Sturgeon tried to do by enticing the English people to vote for Ed Miliband rather than David Cameron was no better other than the fact that she went on television in the hope to have a better foothold in Westminster.

When Alex Salmond lost his fight for independence and then stood down we thought that was the last of him, but boy did we get that wrong.

Now he is sitting in Westminster; if you can’t skin a cat one way try another.

The LibDems have always done well for Shetland and I would prefer it stayed that way, but I would accept any other party rather than the SNP.

If Nicola Sturgeon gets hold here, heaven help us.

Michael Mackay