Letter / I accept no blame

In reply to Douglas Young (Not an office bearer; SN, 09/03/15) I wish him a speedy and full recovery from his bout of ill health.

I would like to add that if he or Angela Sutherland had the good manners to inform us of his ill health instead of issuing incomplete information the resulting “inaccurate” statements would never have happened.

It is pretty obvious that this illness does not hinder Douglas from raising his head above the political parapets to make political statements on all forms of available media on behalf of the SNP.

This being the case he must expect to receive incoming argument to contradict what he asserts, be his assertions informative or misconstrued so as to make the opponents argument look inaccurate. I for one will aggressively argue down anything Douglas says I disagree with.

As it was widely reported that Douglas was an office bearer with the SNP and there was no forthcoming statement to officially contradict this until Douglas’s last letter, I accept no blame for arguing to the contrary.

While I once again wish Douglas a full recovery we should learn from this that ambiguous statements can only add insult to injury.

Gordon Harmer,

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