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Letters / Full marks

Full marks to The Shetland News – for the second consecutive weekend, the slide show at the top of your page has included shots of Minn in Burra (‘The Week in Pictures’ photos can be found at 

Why should that be a matter for such congratulation?

Simply because these days most photos of and comments about Minn misname it as Bannaminn.

Perhaps the News could now start a campaign to correct the ridiculous sign at Duncansclate that points to Minn, but names it Bannaminn.

As I understand it, when our community council tried to have the sign removed or changed, they were told “it would confuse the tourists”, a statement that can only be described as surreal.

Just for the record, anyone wishing to find Bannaminn must take the last turning off the main road before they arrive at Duncansclate.

Catherine Emslie

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