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Letters / Shameful behaviour

On the school/service bus on Thursday the seats were two thirds full of children from Anderson High, taking the seats near the driver and at the back of the bus.

One of the last stops in Lerwick saw a lady get on, who went to stand as there were no seats available.

No one stood to let her sit.

The bus driver turned around and said: “Would one of you boys like to stand to let this lady sit down?”

Again, no one moved.

The bus driver then declared he wasn’t going to move the bus until someone gave up their seat.

After a pause, one young man, closest to her, did stand up.

The bus driver commented: “Sorry to have to shame you into it”.

Was it shame that made the lad stand up, or merely the thought of getting home late? I’m inclined to think the latter.

What happened to good manners and common decency? A sad reflection on the youth of today.

I would like to commend the driver, Nick, for action well taken.

S. Boardman
South Mainland