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Letters / Lack of care

When the closure of the waiting room at the Viking Bus Station was first mentioned, I thought, “this won’t end well!”

Several months down the line, what once was a clean, comfortable, oasis of rest & wait has become a dingy, unappetising, place of dereliction.

Only about one third of the original chairs remain in place, several litter bins have been replaced by one black bag, the floor needs a good sweep and mop, and worst of all, when night falls, the lights don’t work!

I failed to check whether the electric heaters were working or not; it certainly felt cold enough.

I was led to believe that the new owners were going to transform the venue into a café or suchlike, but in the meantime would maintain as much of the status quo as was reasonable?

Sitting in the pitch-black, grit under foot, cold, in the company of shadowy travellers, I felt my original opinion was justified; it has not ended well, at all!

To add insult to injury, in the bus park outside, the large backdrop wall, with Shetland logos affixed, is a weather-beaten eyesore, and a metal/perspex shelter, put up last year, is facing the wrong way round with the weather protecting side against the foot of the aforesaid wall.

You wouldn’t believe this amount of ineptitude and lack of care if you saw it acted out in a TV play.

Richard Hamilton
Bus Pass Holder