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Letters / Take your own advice

In response to Cllr. Wills’ warning about the ever diminishing reserves available to SIC (‘Smarty pants’ drivel; SN, 27/11/14), Dorothy O’Brien advises him:

‘Keep your mouth shut until you have something positive to say’.

She should take her own advice.

No community welcomes the prospect of the local school, primary or secondary, closures and efforts are being made in the peripheral areas of Shetland to identify alternative sources of savings.

By opting out of such constructive discussions, Dorothy O’Brien hardly displays an informed, or constructive, case to support her views.

She would be well advised to demonstrate that she ‘has something positive to say’ by outlining where significant savings can be made.

Or, does she intend adopt yet another acronym for her fellow head-in-the-sand travellers: the HITS squad?

Mike McDonnell
North-a- Voe