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Snow fence

Northmavine's new snow fence ready to catch any last minute snow. Photo Shetnews

JUST as the days are getting longer and the sun has started to shine, Shetland Islands Council has taken advance action against the possibility of snow blocking the road in the north mainland.

An unusual length of green fencing has just been erected north of the Hillswick/Ollaberry junction of the A970, to protect the road from drifting snow.

The move follows the success of a similar fence at Shurton Brae south of Lerwick which has prevented snow drifting onto to the main road there.

Northmavine community council has long complained of snow drifting on to the road over the Hill of Orbister and this month the council responded.

Local fencing contractor Willie Doull was employed to erect the 150 metre long fence last month.

An SIC spokesman said: “It’s a bad spot and we had some fencing left over from the Gulberwick job and time at the end of the financial year to do it.

“It would have caught any last minute snow, but we might have to wait until next winter now.”

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