Letters / Insulting rant

In response to Philip Andrews letter The burden of voting (SN, 20/03/14), I must say I was shocked, disappointed and a little bit disgusted at such an insulting rant regarding my truthful statement in Hill’s illogical path (19/03/14).

My point about not wanting to criticise Stuart and saying that I do not have enough political knowledge about the history of Shetland was simply me being honest and making it clear that I did not intend to offend. Philip clearly does not have as much respect for others.


His letter was both insulting, demeaning and patronising. I thank Stuart Hill for responding with a clearer understanding of his stance (Here are the facts; SN, 20/03/14) and also thank Christine Donald for words of encouragement (Make up your mind; SN, 20/03/14) in making a decision (assuming that is how it was intended).

Philip however chose to respond as if I were an ignorant child who needed better parenting.


As a 24 year old adult who is studying each side of the independence argument, including reading the white paper, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I admitted that my historical knowledge of Shetlands politics is lacking, this admittance does not make me ignorant, simply honest.

Being undecided on which way to vote is not a reflection of educational background or parenting. It is because I am fully aware of the gravity of the decision which all voters are faced with and I am keen to make sure I vote the way I feel is right.


I fail to see how my honest views on this matter deserved such a personal attack from someone I don’t know.

Although I do agree with the message Philip is putting across about making informed decisions and the importance of doing so, I would very much appreciate an apology for the degrading and, ironically, uniformed comments made towards me (and by way of extension, my parents). No doubt I am on to plums with such hopes however.

I will be saying no more on the matter, as this is no longer a political discussion or debate. It has very quickly and unfairly become a personal attack, which I think Philip should be ashamed of.

Leigh-Ann McGinty
East Voe


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