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Letters / Misleading

I refer to your article, Referendum: Ten Reasons to Vote No which purports to have been published by the Shetland branch of Better Together as “their contribution to the local debate”.

The article is in fact a pocket-sized leaflet produced and published by Better Together, Blytheswood Square, Glasgow.

The national Better Together logo has had the word “Shetland” super-imposed to give the impression that their admin is local, but a quick look at their Shetland Facebook page shows this is not to be the case. The leaflet has also been doctored to include a few references to Shetland.

Why they are attempting to mislead the local media and your readers into believing the content is written locally would be for their local representatives to answer.

I note the Yes Shetland Facebook page’s 1400 followers are treated to locally produced content including photos and a contribution from Aly Bain on why he is voting Yes. 

Perhaps the 170 No page followers would be better served by a local page and not one written from the Scottish HQ, which spends most of its time attacking both the SNP and Alex Salmond, neither of whom are being voted for in the referendum.

I look forward to Better Together Shetland’s response to your newspaper.

Douglas Young