NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Letters / Yes vote possible

It would be difficult to miss the main referendum story in the Sunday papers; the support for a Yes vote has increased by five per cent and the No decreased by five per cent with the undecided staying on 19 per cent.

A swing of four per cent would secure independence for Scotland.

If Messrs Harmer and Tinkler seek to link a by-election vote in Cowdenbeath, where Labour thrashed the SNP, to support for Yes or No, they are missing the point and doing what many in the Better Together campaign mistakenly do; thinking a Yes vote is for the SNP.

Since they will be in power if there is a No vote, this thinking confuses many No and undecided voters.

We can clear up any confusion for our 936 followers on our Facebook page where No voters have joined the debate.

We make a point of welcoming them and are grateful to Mr Harmer for complimenting us on the way admin runs the page and I quote him from Sunday 26 January:

“I will say it is good to debate on your Yes page without fear of threats or intimidating comments.”

We have only had to remove one person for bad language, a Yes supporter, and two comments, which were rude.

This perhaps goes part-way to explaining why we were joined by another No voter, who after asking a polite question on the national Better Together page was banned. She joined our page, changed to voting Yes and says she now considers a Yes vote possible.

Yes, No and Undecided. All welcome to view and comment on Yes Shetland’s Facebook page.

Aye yours
Douglas Young
Admin Team
Yes Shetland