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Letters / Clutching at straws

A mock referendum of 16 and 17 year old students in Aberdeen schools produced a No vote of 75% and 25% voted Yes. (http://news.stv.tv/north/239978-thousands-of-scottish-secondary-pupils-vote-no-in-mock-referendum/)

These 16 and 17 year old students are the age group more likely to be on Facebook than any other age group.

This points to the fact that clutching at straws seems to be the new propaganda weapon of Yes Shetland.

Here is Douglas Young’s (Yes Shetland) latest claim: “Good News Continues, but how much can you take? The other Yes Shetland smashed through the 400 following mark today, up from around 100 in October.”

If you click on the 438 likes you will see where the majority of their “Yes Shetland” members live. Low and behold it is Edinburgh. This does not take into account those who live in Denny, Aberdeen, Perth, Dundee, and even Harrogate.

Gordon Harmer