Shetland in oil

Lunning Sound with Whalsay in the background 2011.

OIL PAINTINGS of Shetland scenery are currently being exhibited in a community centre in Satrup, in northern Germany.

Dore Holm/Shetland 2012.

Artist Ute Meyer, from the Baltic city of Flensburg, has been visiting Shetland almost annually since 1997.

When in the isles during the summer months she can be seen equipped with oil colours, brushes and her easel spending hours in Shetland’s often inclement weather.

The 56 year old said that painting outside in situ was a vital part of her creative process.

The exhibition runs until next month. Shetland News shows some of her paintings here. Further information at www.utemeyer.de 


Ronas Hill/Shetland 2005