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Jurassic dock

The baby tyrannosaurus rex who is coming to town next month. Photo Hunterian Museum

LERWICK’S Hay’s Dock will become the temporary home of two dinosaurs next month as part of an exhibition at the Museum and Archives.

Life size replicas of a baby tyrannosaurus rex and an allosaurus will be on display in the museum’s foyer from Saturday 7 September for three months.

The centerpiece of the Gentle Giant exhibition though will be a giant triceratops skull on loan from the University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum along with a collection of dinosaur fossils.

The giant skull of a triceratops that will form the exhibition's centrepiece. Photo Hunterian Museum

The artefacts have already been shipped in by exhibition sponsor Shetland Transport and are being unpacked and labelled by museum staff.

A heap of special events and activities are being arranged during the exhibition, starting with a daytime talk on Saturday 7 September by Hunterian Museum palaeontologist Dr Neil Clark called Dinosaurs in Shetland.

Following the talk, youngsters will have the chance to meet the palaeontologist and view fossils up close. In the evening Clark will present a talk entitled Scotland’s Jurassic Isle about life here before dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

Workshops and tours have been developed for nursery and primary school children, and mother and toddler groups will also have the opportunity to come along to the museum for a fun dinosaur-themed session.

Other fun events include family discovery days, October holiday workshops, a dinosaur bookbug session by the Shetland Library and even a dino disco.

Details of these events will be posted on the Shetland Museum and Archives website, Facebook page and in local media.

Shetland museum curator Ian Tait said: “We’re very excited that a triceratops is making its way to Shetland, and 65 million years isn’t too long to wait for it!

“Everyone likes dinosaurs, and if you loved them when you were very young, you never lose that fascination.

“We’d like to thank the Hunterian Museum for kindly lending both specimens and expertise.

“The exhibition allows the local audience to see prehistoric life right here in Shetland, and has all been made possible because of the generosity of our sponsor, Shetland Transport.”