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Letters / Sick of Shetland politics

I voted for Gary Robinson in the last local elections because he survived, and said his piece, in a completely dysfunctional council.

I haven’t been keeping up with the news, and maybe it would be better if I hadn’t, but I’ve just found out with horror that apparently the Aith Junior High School (and others) are scheduled to be downgraded to a primary school.

This is an abomination. It means an 11 year old child will have to travel at least 21 miles to get to the Anderson High School and back every day. Of course, the majority of councillors in Lerwick and nearby won’t care. Thank goodness that my son has just finished school.

Then there’s Gary Robinson, my constituent councillor, who I’ve known since childhood; so any harsh words I say with regret.

But it always seems to be the case that once somebody reaches a position of power, they “go to the dogs”. I will never vote for Gary Robinson again if the Aith secondary closes. But maybe he won’t care, because he’ll be “parachuted” to a “safe seat” somewhere else.

I’m utterly sick of Shetland politics, and I haven’t even mentioned those diabolical windmills. I intend to ‘hide’ in my house at Tresta with all the doors locked.

Roddy Nicolson
Da Kupp