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Take a break from the drink

A GROUP of Shetland folk have vowed to give up alcohol for the next three months as part of the Drink Better initiative.

Named Good Morning Shetland, the programme has been copied from the Australian Hello Sunday Morning project, developed by Chris Raine, who was previously a self confessed binge drinker.

The participants in the local programme will be keeping a blog of which extracts are to be published in the local media.

Health improvement practitioner Jill Hood said: “By publishing their stories in the local media we’re hoping that it will get other people talking and thinking about their own relationship with alcohol.”

She added that the idea of the project was not to get people to quit drinking forever, but to examine their relationship with alcohol by taking a break from it.

People who successfully complete the break from drinking tend to drink an average of 70 per cent less when their challenge is finished.

She said: “When we did the Drink Better survey a few summers ago, 82 per cent of respondents said they think we drink too much.

“Respondents also wanted to see adults behaving as better role models. This got us thinking.  How could we challenge current drinking culture and get people talking about how and why we use alcohol the way we do?

“The idea of taking a break from drinking fits really well with the ethos of Drink Better.”