Man assaults woman

A LERWICK man who admitted assaulting a woman at their home was released on a good behaviour bond at the town’s sheriff court on Tuesday.

Appearing from custody, 30 year old Robert Szoks pled guilty to kicking the woman on the body, grabbing her by the leg and pulling her down the stairs at a Lerwick address on Monday.


Honorary sheriff Eric Peterson deferred sentence until July for him to be of good behaviour.

Following Tuesday’s hearing, the woman involved in the case made the following statement to Shetland News:

“It was totally out of character for Robert to do this and I completely overreacted in calling the police. I didn’t realise the consequences of what would happen when calling the police and didn’t want it to end up in the paper or on any website.

“Robert is a good person, and on that day I realised that I shouldn’t have continually pestered him when he wanted to be alone.

“I just want people to know that Robert is not a bad person and throughout the relationship he has treated me with respect. I feel I caused the argument and I didn’t want it to be printed.”