Letters / Let Karibuni live!

It’s not only the scrumptious variety of wraps and quick lunches available nor believably the best Latté served north of Hadrian’s Wall that makes Karibuni so special.

It’s the fact that, as a customer standing in front of a cosy counter waiting to be served and to pay for an order, that Karibuni becomes much, much more! It is a wonderfully rare moment of interacting with a healthy Shetland community who proudly lifts one of its citizens forwards to, not only serve you, but to interact with you!


All too commonly, councils rapidly and short-sightedly decide on budget cutbacks that centre on three citizen groups; youth and education, pensioners and the less advantageous or special needs.

All three groups, not having a strong forum of influence, are easily and with minimum resistance placed into a category of lower status within the community in comparison to working, taxpaying and eligible voters who can speak for themselves.


The less advantageous don’t count! They are not to be heard! They are not to be seen!

With this situation, the dark risk of a backwards community is advertised and that a community divides its citizens into different and unfair levels of status. How will tourists, visitors and potential immigrants or investors react to establishing themselves in such a community?

So, let Karibuni live! No, let it flourish and become stronger! Show to the Shetland community and to outsiders that Shetland is determined that less advantageous citizens are welcomed, appreciated and taken seriously and that, as a healthy interacting community, Shetland is equally reliant and confident with all of her citizens.

Tim Senften