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Letters / Coffee table science

I have read with interest the comments from Evelyn Morrison (It’s all about making money, SN, 24 June 12) regarding Susan Bowie’s comments re the wind farm debate.

Once again we have a cited paper by Carl Philips from July 2011, which is heavily biased, not scientifically balanced and cites only eight references, four by the same author.

His paper can by no means be regarded as a cutting edge – it’s “coffee table science”, from a “coffee table” scientific journal from a mathematician and health economist based in Alberta.

Unfortunately another example of the internet being used as an authoritative source, without verifying or assessing the source of the information.

The cited paper is “substantiated” by the three anecdotal (unsubstantiated and emotive) reports of quotes from people who have apparently been disrupted by having large wind turbines, less than 300m, 400m and 500m from their homes – something that will not happen in Shetland. 

As ever the scourge of having an appropriate perspective, is having the facts and data properly documented – and Carl Philips has not done so here.

Information on emerging EU policy to protect wildlife and human populations is available at
www.euractiv.com/climate-environment/eu-moves-protect-wildlife-wind-t-news-499400 and through sources from EU Commission on Research and Innovation at

Once again, let’s stick to facts and data shall we?

Kind regards
Dr Helen Erwood
Lunna House