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Letters / No to austerity

So, the SIC’s new political commissar has warned councillors that the pace of the proposed cuts programme should not be delayed.

However, those new councillors will still have the opinions of those in their wards ringing loudly in their ears, and I doubt if they will allow themselves to be led by their noses by Mr Robinson on matters that effect everyone of those whom they represent.

Austerity to my mind clearly is not the way forward as many countries in the euro zone are deciding to stimulate their economies by spending money.

In my humble opinion, it would serve Mr Robinson better if he would promote a culture of pro-action instead of the current one of reaction.

There is lots of money available out there, like the gas plant for one, and of course the Viking Energy project which will provide multimillions for the reserve fund if we invest in it.

As the project will most likely go ahead anyway, to not be involved and miss out on such a huge windfall (pardon the pun), would amount to criminal neglect.
Geoff McCarron