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Letters / Don’t expect our vote

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the candidates for the Lerwick North Ward who have taken the time to come visit us (NOT) and discuss their and our local issues.

If we have been out when you came then we apologise, but as there has been no sign of any leaflets we can only assume you have never been.

We did get one leaflet through the letterbox the other night but before I could get to the door the car had sped off so I don’t even know if it was the candidate or just someone delivering it for them.

It’s good to see that some candidates are at least making a big effort to try and see as many of their constituents as possible, but I’m afraid as our’s don’t seem interested in making the effort to see us, please don’t expect us to come vote for you.

Michael & Terri Mackay
38 Hoofields
Lerwick North Ward