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Two views of the isles

Boats - by Rob Colclough

A NEW exhibition by two artists portraying very different images of Shetland opens in Da Gadderie at Shetland Museum and Archives on Saturday 7 January.

JJ Ignatius Brennan is a professional Irish artist and member of Shetland artists group Veer North, who splits his time between France and Yell, a journey which takes in London and creates the subject matter of his exhibition.

Sketching from moving cars, coaches and buses overlaying numerous images in one work gives an extra sense of movement. Back in the studio the sketches are enlarged with a hot glue gun, allowing him to retain the immediate and dynamic qualities of the original.

Driving in Shetland - by JJ Ignatius Brennan

Several of his portraits have identifiable local car number plates and Brennan will offer a prize to any driver who can present a log book from one of the vehicles featured in the show.

Rob Colclough paints all his watercolours outside, saying it leads to a more spontaneous result. Being outside is extremely important to him spiritually and helps him find inspiration to paint.

When painting an image, such as a boat, the way the colours of the boat play on the water and sky and how they interact with each other become the main focus, rather than the boat itself.

Before moving to Shetland in 2006, Colclough exhibited in his native Derbyshire and Sheffield. He is a member of Veer North and Yell Art and has exhibited regularly throughout the isles over the last five years.

The new exhibition is on until 5 February.